MMA Community reacts to Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya, UFC 234 highlights, Conor McGregor

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MMA Community reacts to Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya full fight, UFC 234 highlights, Conor McGregor UFC News and MMA News

-Cowboy Cerrone reacts to Ariel Helwani comments

-Kelvin Gastelum reacts to Robert Whittaker not being able to fight at UFC 234 main event

-MMA Community reacts to Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya

-Ariel Helwani reacts to Robert Whittaker not being able to fight at UFC 234 main event

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MMA Zone says:

What did you guys think of Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya?

what the fook says:

Ufc Looking more and more like pro wrestling with some pro boxing mixed in

Louie David says:

Conor a bag of hot air , he needs to win a fight once in awhile so that his words have some credibility

Stanley B says:

Brian Ortega got got suckerd cuz he didn’t get paid for halloway when he couldn’t fight

The Homeless American says:

Cerron E ya idiot…

Gallen Roby says:

First style bender and the last style bender. ✊

Owen Yonce says:

The "e" is pronounced in Cerone's name fyi.

Lu Jitsu says:

I'm a huge cowboy fan, but I don't think Conor is a good matchup for him. I could be wrong and I hope I am.

S H says:

I felt this was just a fun fight. All for show not for gain. Anderson in his prime would of swept the floor over Israel. Over all I say ehh

parker Melville says:

Garbage fight I don't see what the hype is with this guy also Anderson was winning up to the point he decided to take 4 shots on the jaw for no apparent reason really makes me wonder if this was on the up and up or if Silva is just helping out UFC to push this guy anyway another overall garbage card by UFC.

Michael Knight says:

Connor is always cherry picking lol

Mr Smith says:

No one wants to see that fight. Silva is washed up and boring to watch these days especially when his opponent has to be respected.. a better and more exciting fight would be Connor n cowboy….. Honestly if Silva never fights again I wouldn't care. His past fights are good enough for me. But let's not kid our selves that fight last night sucked. I was waiting for them to start sucking each other's dicks. Literally

Liam Griffin says:

Conor McGregor needs to get his career back on track. He nerds to forget these suoerfigght bollox for big money and concentrate his next 3 fights beating up Cerrone, Dustin P then Ferguson….. BEFORE he gets anywhere near Khabib. 3 fights in a year then all going well….. Hell get his suoerfigght for the belt

Lindsay Zwicker says:

Cerrone will retire that drunken Irishman. Break his jaw so he can't shoot his mouth.

Benjamin Hogan says:

I love cowboy

killa cali 909 mafia says:


Branden Creado says:

Conor FAKE Gregor

Smokey_777 says:

Conor really.trying to find an easy win lmfao. Go fight aldo or someone in the top 5 or fuck off like rousey conor

Reality Unchained says:

Ariel helwani you moron once again I will lay this out for the peanut gallery that just doesn't understand how interim Champions work. Amanda Nunez was a real champion Tony Ferguson was a fake champion with a paper belt. You can burn a paper belt because it means nothing but to strip a real champion is a lot tougher cuz they actually earned the belt.

Craig Yates says:

Conor should take lessons from Whittaker and learn when to pull out. Now he's probably got a kid by some random gold digger trap.

Zom B says:

Is that how you think you should get a world championship belt kelv?? He got hurt I WIN!!! Gimme my belt, no takebacks…. rocky would be ashamed of you.

Vic Muntyan says:

Bisping can’t see good with one eye! Pos

V says:

A.S. is not dominant than before but at almost 44 years old, he remains talented and skilled.
But today, Israel A, a mix of Bones, A.S. and the stupid McGregor, overpowers …

AceLinkFPS says:

Bruhhhhh Conor a g but man needs to stop calling out and putting his name out to fight retired names😂😂 there's many competitors in and around your age competing hard for that belt. Go Duke it out with the real dogs.

Invisible Man says:

Damn I feel for Whittaker man, he must be so bummed out. Chin up champ! Or should i say chin down champ! 🙂

dee scott says:

KG…….this ain't your world

zanmirrob says:

Who is Gastelum's weight coach. Those bouncing off the bottom squats are a shocker. He will wreck his knees and his back if he is not careful.

taekwondoist says:

Fuck Annoying bitch Arial


The isreal and Silva match felt like a chess match all through.

Monscent says:

Fuck Ariel.

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