Recap After 3 Months of Intensive MMA Training • Martial Arts Journey

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It’s been ore than three months that I’m doing intensive MMA and BJJ training at SBG Portland and a lot has happened. I’ve made this Vlog to give an update to everyone on how the MMA training has been going, what are the challenges I’ve faced and how I like SBG Portland as a community so far.

Let me know if you have any questions so I could answer them in my next vlog!

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Martial Arts Journey says:

Let me know if you have any questions for the next Vlog! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Vincent Lee says:

Make sure you have a break!! Or a deload active week.

Aaron says:

I hope you know an honest fight promoter (thats a joke, there aren't any). You have very little time in and can easily be matched up with a guy that has triple you're hours of training. I would wait until you have 18 months before you fight. But the coaches at SBG certainly know better than me.

Aaron says:

Even when you're younger you need more sleep when you're training hard.

squirrelbong A says:

thanks for the update. Following your story has helped me to realize that my tma that I've been training in for 20+ years might not be all I was told that it is. I feel like it was 'sold' to me in a way, and due to my lack of experience with other schools/arts I just took everything as truth. I'm starting to now realize all my opinions I've had of my martial art are not my own…I'm simply repeating things that my instructor has told me and I believed to be true without having any firsthand experience.

..but yeh, thanks again. these videos have helped me to take off the rose tinted glasses so to speak. I envy you that you figured it out in a much shorted time that I did. I still train with a few of my tma bros but it's frustrating hearing them repeat certain falicies over and over. They will often try to end a playful exchange with a mock groin shot or eye-gouge and I have to remind them that's not going to magically end a fight. Keep kickin ass, your hardwork and uploads are appreciated!

konkyolife says:

I love this idea of a limited period challenge, Well done. I wish you'd have done a morning by morning video.

Jason says:

So proud of you and awesome job on this martial art endeavor. Ossu!

Liquidcadmus says:

Your focus and determination is commendable, the average person trains two or three hours a week, you are improving enormously everyday because of your full commitment to your training and development. you have an exemplary attitude

Liam says:

Great video mate👍 Don’t worry about not knowing a million submissions or sweeps. There’s always time to learn that stuff, the most important thing is your foundation, your structure and your principles.

Aiki Ken says:

Have you pulled any Aikido off yet? haha or have we stopped that 🙁

ra/ji/o says:

Do you reckon your current self would beat previous Rokas in a duel? I think it's pretty likely 🙂

Micaiah makaike says:

Man it’s so cool to see your progress from begging to end

Rafael Fuzitani says:

Thanks for sharing your journey!

I would like to hear more about that time management you had to go through in order to keep up with all the training.

Like when you talked about you being a night owl and having to shift the time that you go to bed.

I also got curious about how your daily training routine used to be before this program. Did it (being a nigh owl) used to affect your daily tasks and training at all?

Looking forward to the updates!


Los Angeles Unstoppable Bubba says:

Have you tried Southern Oregon, I know from experience there always looking 2 fill amateur fightcards..
Its been a few yrs however, I think this could be a good place 2 Look .

Stephan Lewin says:

Glad it's working out Rokas, it's a tough battle you've picked. If the Musashi's or Takeda's of budo history were here today this is exactly what they'd be doing, giving 100% each day

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