The Worst Fights In MMA

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This is a highly advanced and professional analysis of several MMA fights that fans thought were either boring, sloppy or just plain shitty.

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Voiced by Mike DelGaudio

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Jakob prince says:

Did I see fish

Blake839 says:

The lightweights would have destroyed the 1st two. No endurance whatsoever. All talk.

Klas Göran says:

Lady Garcia 😅she is as big as a dinosaur 🦖 and fights like a 🐛 worm😅

Rahul Khamamkar says:

What's with the fucking fishes. Show video or don't show video. But don't distort video.

LALMCGatorsfan says:

Jump into a knee into the nuts!!!!!!! lol

Steven Newlands says:

Garcia sex symbol??? Who thiks this???

Ron Thunders says:

sex symbol?

Daniel Wabuge says:

Working at a car wash?

Angh balahr says:

Makhmud used clan-call…but nobody came to the gangbang.

Joseph Mills says:

4:05 sex symbol 😂😂😂

Cam Moore says:

Accidentally landed a punch hahaha

johnskiiit says:

the editing and commentary on kimbo v dada keeps me coming back, masterful

Matthew Hansen says:

Anyone know the name of that ape movie they showed???? That was funny!!!

Kabir Raza Khan says:

Hahahhahhahahahahahahaha amazing

Wifi Venom says:

Those two women looked like they didn't no anything but to just throw there heads in there air

HondaMan Vtec says:

This is nr 1 bullshit
Dadda 5000 gave kimbo soo much beating he died from the injorys

Jay Zee says:

Best part 4:04 LMFAO SOOO GOOD

Udaya Charan says:


Arnaldo Falco says:

0:54 what happen to the referee

Mr Wizzykin says:

I was not aware you could throw kicks with shoes on in Pride. Why did I never notice this and when did it stop?

Future Heavyweight Champ says:

Sex symbol? Ewww

Paul DeNovo says:

Used her Jujitsu to club her over the head 😂😂😂

PeppeTheHotPepper says:

omfg that fight was so fucking hilarious

tylersopherful says:

"Blunt forced trauma"

Anthony Ivanov says:

That muscular woman is a sec symbol you're saying? Did she beat somebody up to give her the title of a sec symbol? 😀

I don't want to know the men that find muscular women attractive 😀

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