Best of the Week in MMA

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1,000,000 Subscribers With No Content says:

Tony Ferguson is the type of fighter to win by staredown

camvick407 says:

Body work!!!

Gio says:

Dana and lorenza and dem would of had a heart attack

Ben Dover says:

Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who accidentally ezekiel chokes when giving a hug

San Joaquin Valley Transparency says:

I stopped using the cards at the top right, they’re annoying as hell. Please reconsider adding those MMA Digest

uafc1 says:

I thought there was going to be a brawl at the end but they were all celebrating lol. Corner threw the towel thinking it was too much punishment and the ref wasn't stopping it (very rare in mma), the ref didn't saw it or completely ignored it and that's why everyone jumped in to stop the fight. Weird that it didn't end in a brawl, all signs for a brawl are there.

blacksunlight1 says:

Where is the GMC security???

Ben Vice says:

What the fuck was that last segment, all those animals should not be near MMA fights! Did they not let the ref finish the fight and just swarmed the cage as they thought the fight was over?!

Michael Chiesa Mother says:

All these bums cant touch my son

Grandpa Dan says:

1:53 Enzo Amore getting his ass beat

Matt Sherv says:

Savages at the end! It's a sport

Steven Forde says:

First fight kos the guy, sees hes koed stiff and proceeds to smack him full force in the back of the head while hes on the floor, yeah good win mate….

east wood says:

Music is way too loud

Adam Green says:

Voilà laarn!! Hehe love the Turks!! Grew up with em an they good men, no punches thrown just all love hahaha!!!

アルフィー says:

Typical turks

Meecrob says:

What even is the last clip? Ahah

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