Boxing Tip: How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing & MMA Training

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There’s a lot of different ways to wrap your hands, but I feel that this way is very effective in keeping your hands safe during training and is very easy and quick. Please let me know what you think, like the video, subscribe, leave a comment and subscribe to us on Facebook.

I hope this video helps those out there who didn’t know how to wrap your hands. Video on how to wrap with gauze for a fight is coming soon, with instruction by my coach, professional cut-man / boxing trainer, Al Artola. Stay tuned…


Xoulepos Xoulepos says:

this is wrong on every level..this will get loose in 5 seconds..very bad example

pelastakaa defaultit save defaults says:

Thanks for help i am 12 and i have couple months ago enjoyed boxing but i dont have real idea how that should put in hands when you punch. Thanks man i appricciate it

Frank Castle says:

Jesus fucking christ, get to the fucking point.

UniquecornYania says:

Where do you usually buy the wrap/cloth?

Aidan O'Toole says:

It will take me some practice. Thanks for the video.

Alvinmonsalvo55 says:

where can I buy a shirt like the one you're wearing

Weak Endz Barbell Club says:

Good video and comments 👍🏽

Furqan Iqbal says:

How does he wrap after thumb? Too difficult

David Krahl says:

Best at 1.5.  Thanks for tips, great tut!

BornToFLY92 says:

I use the same method except I like to put a small folded socks over my knuckles and then wrap over them if I'm going to do heavy bag work.

Fat Rabbit says:

I like 200" wraps from Rivalboxing. I wrapped my hands like this for a year before trying other techniques. This style unravels and gets sloppy loose around the thumb and knuckles after an hour. It served it's purpose tho.

MushadX says:

what length is the wraps he using , mine seem short

Gustavo Fring says:

my wraps are shorter than those, how can I wrap my hand with them?

MetalMichael1332 says:

My wrap is 108" and so I don't have enough for in between my fingers 😒

Philthy says:

Thank you !

ansah ghaffar says:

Possibly the best tutorial I watched on these. Awesome! Thank you bruv.

jessedpt73 says:

very well made video. Made my wrap in 40 seconds.

Luke Pacheco says:

are those wraps 180" or 120"

Chroma says:

Thanks for this tutorial man, I am just starting mma

TrueJEM says:

How do you tell if you're cutting off the circulation? Is it when you feel your hands falling asleep? I'm a novice at MMA and I need to know

Michael Smith says:

Thanks very helpful

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