Conor McGregor – First 14 MMA Fights in order FULL fight

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Conor McGregor early fights. First 14 MMA fights. Full length. First pro fights.

Conor McGregor vs Gary Morris
Conor McGregor vs Mo Taylor
Conor McGregor vs Artemij Sitenkov
Conor McGregor vs Stephen Bailey
Conor McGregor vs Connor Dillon
Conor McGregor vs Joseph Duffy
Conor McGregor vs Hugh Brady
Conor McGregor vs Mike Wood
Conor McGregor vs Paddy Doherty
Conor McGregor vs Artur Sowinski
Conor McGregor vs Aaron Jahnsen
Conor McGregor vs Steve O’Keefe
Conor McGregor vs Dave Hill
Conor McGregor vs Ivan Buchinger

full fight. full fights.



Had to reupload for the fourth time. Had to remove 4 fight videos due to copyright claims that took down the entire video.

Szabolcs kantor says:

05:45 when conor had respect

Exapatisi says:

Tap machine

Brad Morgan says:

I’m tha fookin future. Love it!!!!

Richard Stevens says:

Could you imagine, being a pro mma fighter and fighting a skinny lad like Conor mcgregor. And 4 years later the guy that beat you became the interim and undisputed feather weight champ, as well as the light weight champion, of the ufc and broke multiple records and became the highest ufc fighter ever paid

AMARO says:

Only way to calm down the beast is sleeping it, but make sure you’re out of there before it awakens.

Jeff Trinkle says:

lmao the ref let the 2nd fight go on way too long

Scruffy Rodriguez says:

6:25 just like jose aldo fight

Олег Гущин says:

There are only 12 of the first fights of Conor, not 14, there are no last two fights in the description 🤨🙁

Aitbek Ergeshov says:

Great Notorious Conor McGregor!👑☝️

Con McGrath says:

I wish I could make a woman scream like that (26.30).
Well, I did once…but she was very very angry..!

Zarko Nikolic says:

1:57 My boi referee dabs 😂

Leonardo Quintero says:

Dude Mcgregor looks taller in this fights!

OgDT Low key says:

I bet the pple he fought back then never would have guessed he would be a Mega star

AleJohn_ says:

37:14 the goat

Random Replays says:

What a boring crowd at the Jensen fight.. Zzz

Elvin Chow says:

This dude in 21:26 is a no body while mcgregor is a super-star, to find the reason just look at their attitude, the words that they use. This guys use word like ''i think, i hope, i want to be'' doesnt really inspired ufc material :S

Matauz says:


mike Lowry says:

2nd one the guys coaching both fighters🤔

Martin McGuire says:

Before he was Khabibed and got his mouth closed good and proper ! He's lost 3 of his last 5 fights ! Tapped for his life in 2, saved by the ref v Mayweather, ran away in Diaz 2 and the only credible fight out of the last 5 was against Alvarez ! Never defended his belts or gave Aldo the rematch but thinks he deserves a rematch with khabib ? I used to like Conor but money turned him into a knob ! He won't beat a top 10 ranked fighter now I don't think !! I hope he shuts his mouth and starts doing the business in the cage again cos he just looks like a gobshite now

Fighter MMA says:

Where all those guys who defeated Conor.
LoL we must remember them only by Conor McGregor fights.
Maybe watching him on YouTube 😁😁🍆

Paul Sykes says:

I think joe duffy took conors interview lol.

PRIDE says:

Hmmm the same time Khabib was killing bears. Ps… What a ugly kid mc gregor was

Justin Hester says:

Time marker 10:50. Good call

Nicky Santoro says:

I love seeing how fighters evolve

Michael KNAPICK says:

Anyone notice Artem with hair? Gave Conor a hug after beating the guy in the gladiator cage

Will Hanley Reed says:

We’re all just a kid from somewhere

Chad Michael Mobile says:

This could have been 20 minutes shorter if you edited out all the post fight garbage.

Guess What Oh yeah yeah says:

i irish and me names conor so its very weird

Brian Hickey says:

Was this recorded on a flip phone

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