Fixed Fights In MMA

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A look at 5 different MMA fights that many speculate are fixed.

The only way to end the violence in the middle east is to subscribe to my channel…..Do you want more innocent people to die? I didn’t think so.

Voiced by Mike DelGaudio

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Dave Hodges says:

Bob sapp, he admits it, says he's not paid enough, well fuck off then

Fight Lounge says:

Take em to church Montage King

Eric Lee says:

A dive in football is so much different from fixing a fight. It is so much less severe.

Vadim Arushanov says:

Nice ending 🤣……👍

David Buschhorn says:

I don't think Bob Sapp ever returned a punch in his whole career.

Bv Bv says:

That ending holy shit 😂

stuff says:

I agree with many lf these but to be honest, Bob Sapp is one of the saddest "proffesional"fighters to ever compete.

Ahmed T says:

Add Tenshin vs Mayweather

Iron Cote says:

I died at the music and sound effects that start at 3:25

Pretty Boy Flizzy says:

Floyd vs Tenshin fight? Connor vs Eddie fight?

HF Tube says:

Who's here after Floyd vs tenshin fight?

Markus Huebener says:

Colemann muss die hall of fame Auszeichnung aberkannt werden .

Andrew Burton says:

Almost all of them?…

Frank S says:

the editing for this is hilarious. im subbing.

Matt Norris says:

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Mr Gunslinger says:

I don't think Sapp is faking it. He tries his best for an ungodly amount of money without practicing a single minute. He's just spending all his time in his gym.

Look at the match wirt former world champion Remo Bonjansky. That is not fake at all. He is actually quiet good and he beat him, but was DQd. Awesome fight.

Lucion P says:

Let’s not get started with Kimbo slice I’ve been watching MMA for 25 years and here comes these fucking ghetto ass piece of shit fat black guy who fucking left a stain on MMA and make MMA look bad, he was fucking destroying an industry that companies work so hard for to put on the market that motherfucker need it to go back to the fucking hood to his back yards Where he belongs I’m glad the motherfucker is go e and anyone that was a fan of him was a white trash or a ghetto ass black guy from the projects or a thug.

Lucion P says:

Fedor versus Sonnen was a fix fight you could see that shit from space it was embarrassing did anybody see the fight lol

Gage Westerhouse says:

Well, as a Jew, therefore some whom basically everyone in the middle east wants killed, I'm not really interested in ending most of the violence.

Jason 0790 says:

Bob sapp terrifying at one point hilarious now how the mighty fall and cry

stanz3x says:

The Gospel singer is priceless!

John Menyhard says:

Just like the wwe

大好き相撲 says:


Michael Jordan says:

Russia is not the US style court system by any means. Emelianenko assaulted his housekeeper. Ever think she made it up for $? Ever think he caught her stealing so she slapped this bs on him. He could be guilty for sure, but he’s always seemed like a decent guy (as far as sexual assault). He can get a woman whenever he wants but he has to try to rape his housekeeper? Ok 🙄

権限Eter says:

Jiri Procházka the GOAT xD

Dallas DautermanDallas says:

Yep, those were pretty obvious

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