High Intensity Interval Training for MMA Fighting

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Lindsay Misak shows Squid a fat-burning high intensity interval training routine. This cardio workout is the perfect way to prepare for an MMA match.

Follow Lindsay on Twitter @FitnessMisak.


Silvafox says:

all those exercise you doing how often should i do this everyday

Jim Heil says:

This workout reminds of the 20 minute workouts on the Ruthless DVD boxset.

Trumped says:

she'd be better at teaching sandwich making skills

mark200666 says:

All that just to get knocked out in 20 seconds

mursel mashruh says:

lool….just cant take ma eyes away from her

Elijah Lombardo says:

Thanks awsome workout

fulltimespy says:

at muay thai class we usually start with this, then do some exercises on boxing and kicks

ProRusher26 says:

wow i like this personal trainer 😀

connor mura says:

Can you come out with a schedule, like mon wen fri lift weights, tue thurs sat do this. Something to work around.

2fyelovan says:

im starting this tomorrow

Bao Gia says:

Mat va ai mua

Tylor Pollard says:

How is a good way to gain muscle…yet i jave no money for a gy.

benjibarnes2 says:

@fatshoki Maybe in a few months time, you'll be just 'shoki'

Amber says:

Wow great job. This kicked my ass, I loved it. I can defiantly feel it in my thighs >_<

Rasmus Mattsson says:

Ehm.. ur not in the best shape are u..

Not hating, just thought u were in better shape cause of all of ur great videos…

MMA Surge says:

I'd say 2-3 days a week. We have other stuff coming out that works on the days in between.

orestis nalmpantis says:

Can we do that everyday?

MMA Surge says:

Ahhh I've been busy. Producing a few shows right now and trying to film a few short films. I have a lot of episodes in the back burner. I still spar often, but those are cameraless places. The sparring we showed is like slap boxing. I'm gonna be traveling a bit. I'm gonna bring my tripod and maybe set up two cameras and show you guys some stuff. I'm down for more myself. So it is due. Squid is sharp this time of the year.

Adam Bull says:

She makes me want to get in better shape.

robertmensing says:

hahaha no way! now instead of focusing on your workout you'l be staring at her ass or somethin!

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