Israel Adesanya Fires Back At Chris Weidman, ‘Juice Monkey’ Paulo Costa

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Israel Adesanya speaks to Luke Thomas on The MMA Hour about his decision win over Anderson Silva at UFC 234, Chris Weidman and Paulo Costa’s recent comments following his win, and much more.


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Sandman1975 Sand says:

Boring fight …

Luke Baros says:

Luke, tremendous job as always.

Mike Lowery says:

If Israel was able to explain in detail how good he was it would be a novel. Credit to anderson how fast he caught on to a few things as his speed. Anderson still quick. Izzy had this though.

mikey bigballs says:

I would love to see him Chris go at it

Steven Smith says:

I honestly want to see him fight weidman now

Hanoi Tripper says:

This bum needs to raise the camera angle so we dont see up his giant nostrils

Zack W says:

I hope they feed this guy to weidman. Once weidman can get this guy to the ground which I know he would. He would win. Brunson shot with no set ups and so predictable, and weidman is a better wrestler. I hope that fight happens.

Run says:


Bob Beast says:

Adesanya should fight someone who is not out there prime and who is in the top 10 before he gets a titleshot like Romero or Kosta. Judging on how he fought Silva I think his overrated as well. Lol at Adesanya's true colours coming out when he thought the crowd was booing him.

Shaquille says:

Feed Izzy to Jones. LOL. I would love to see Jones systematically break this kid down. He can easily go up to 205lbs. He's taking too much pride in beating a 43 year old Anderson. So lets see how he does against Jones, the real evolution of Anderson.

Crz Xm says:

Israel knows. 21:45

Wild Milkman says:

Weidman finished a prime Anderson Silva twice. This fool didn't even come close to finishing a rusty past his prime Anderson. Get out of bed Chewbacca.

Sean Karleone says:

The main thing for me is Izzy didn't chase Silva when he's hurt! Because he will hide it and knock you out like how he done most of his opps

I'm Green says:

The more popular the more hate, all these fighter's hating is hilarious…

S-LANDER says:

I like Adesanya but I am not sure how far he can go in this sport. you have to have world class skills everywhere, wrestling, striking and grappling. Only wrestlers can get away with being one dimensional.

james allen says:

Part wooki?

Jason Olvera says:

Did this dude just yawn in the interview lol

Jared Howell says:

Izzy, Dana White said in the post fight interview he offered a refund but they did not get refunds. Sounds like you and the Spider sold it!

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