The Top 10 Rivalries in MMA

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Jason is here with our latest video discussing MMA’s Biggest Rivalries.
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Mufasa Trt says:

Dc vs Jon is number one

ORED Gaming50 says:

My favorite fighter ever is chuck Liddel

Bradley Nyborg says:

1 Gsp vs bj penn
2 jackson vs silva
3 Sonnen vs Brazil
4 liddell vs Couture
5 Hughes vs trigg
6 McGregor vs diaz
7 shamrock vs Ortiz
8 liddell vs ortiz
9 Gsp vs nick diaz
10 jackson vs evans

leo alcaraz says:

Awesome list but saludaba vs the Gracie family should be on there because it was just him vs the whole family, that’s nuts when you think about it

Blue Godzilla says:

Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell

Eric Lamoureux says:

I love this channel 🤙🏽🤙🏽👊🏽👊🏽

Tom Hoffman says:

It’s tough to get through videos with this guy narrating. Idk if it’s low energy or just the constant monotone dialogue or what.

Tiger Dragon says:

"Hold my beer" -Nancy "Nancy" Pelosi

Alex Carrasquilla says:

Sonnen and Wanderlei

Erin Murtaugh says:

"This asshole?" Like 8 fucking people reached for that stupid ass ball

Omar Moheedin says:

Number 1 has to be jones vs Cormier the 2 best arguments for goats
2 has to be Khabib vs McGregor just how much shit talking there was and how it started at 205 and took off even more at 229

francisco rodriguez says:

Rampage vs wanderlei silva

Ivan Swa says:

Cruz Vs Faber, it was such a big thing that flew under the radar, Faber was so desperate to have win over Cruz he build a gym to do it.

GetInToRugby Norway says:

Sakuraba vs the Gracies???? How can you miss that one……..Too many UFC rivalries.

EliteRanger02 says:

Jones v Gustafson

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