UFC 234: Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva Octagon Interviews

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Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva both spoke inside the Octagon after their main event tilt.

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Mike Jones says:

Anderson could have won if he was more aggressive

carlos rivas says:

I don't watch UFC much but I know about Silva and this is beautiful Sportsmanship

Speak The Truth No Opinions says:

This is true inspiration

Althea Marie Garcia says:

Best sportsmanship ever

Jose Teixeira says:

Tudo tem um tempo determinado

Joseph Mouton says:

Israel is the man bro…mad respect for the respect uve shown the legend Silva…dude is my favorite person in sports right now…utter respect for this MAN

Carlos Trujillo says:

Respect it's hard to compete with the young prime fighters but excellent performance

Shiva Kumar says:

Happy Silva was not acting like a sarcastic here during the fight.
He started loosing ever since he thought himself as the one best by not not showing any respect to anyone. Now he learned the lesson . Yes agree Silva is a better fighter …god bless

Harry Kim’s Effect 김 해리 says:

Okay can we just chill on where they’re from and talk about the actual match.???? Cos some mfs leaving racist ass comments

Migz Pyrex says:

Where’s Joe Rogan???

MAYO says:

I like how he was fooling around

Conhecendo os caminhos de Jesus says:

Anderson Silva sempre honrou o Brasil ❤
Jamais será esquecido ❤

Devon Roper says:

Does anyone else find Israel cringy

Victor Hugo Guinho says:

what a beautiful moment

JDsModernMartialArts says:

Awesome display of sportsmanship!

Cheddar Man says:


Tyler Chapman says:

I love adesanya hes charismatic,humble and puts on a great show every fight. He had nothing but respect for Silva, I honestly think he could of put a really bad beating on Silva. FYI Silva was my favorite fighter in his prime, so no I'm not discrediting him he looked slow;glad to see the torch being passed to adesanya because, he deserves it. And off course respect to Silva for taking this fight he took on a young lion in his prime. It hurts to know it's was his last fight, but he needed to retire. I see adesanya being the undisputed middleweight champion for years to come, as long as he keeps improving his ground game. Much love to Silva and he will be missed, because it was a honor and privilege to watch him over the years.

Last STYLEBender says:

buddy 2009 Silva would have destroyed Adesanya he lucky he got the 2019 version lol

Gregory Ramsel says:

Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to invent the word casuals which we all use and didn't even realize we learn from him

Dave says:

"adrian i love you" lmfaooooooo

William Lima says:

UFC e uma vergonha 🤦😒
Anderson Silva ganhou essa lutar ..

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