3 Excellent Heavy Bag Drills for MMA, Muay Thai, & Boxing

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Here are 3 awesome heavy bag drills you can add to your MMA training, focusing on boxing or Muay Thai kickboxing. The heavybag is a piece of equipment I will always use, because it is full body, it works your cardio, and it improves your fighting skills. And so you’re not just repeatedly punching the bag, here are some variations to add to your workout!

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Einzenheim Bot says:

Everytime I work on the heavy-bag, i cant help but feel self-conscious, i feel eyes watching me inside of the gym. After that i cant do my full workout.

jake syd says:

Is Muay Thai good for defence on the street ?

Rogan Central says:

Love this drill im going to try it next time im at the gym

black sun airsoft says:

Great tips thanks for the vid liked

betteldottel says:

allgorythm comment for MAXIMUM SUPPORT

Casper Bien says:

I love you Shane

This Old Jew says:

Saw this on my tv but went on my tablet cuz I thought it deserved a like

Muskeln-kaufen.de says:

The midget amuses me again.


cxa011500 says:

Can you practice in a heavy bag without gloves?

Shere Khan the fighter says:

Where can we train tgether?

NickEdan says:

What are those big heavy bags called ?

Hakim Smailliw says:

Your kicks look sloppy

Papi Pullout says:

how heavy is the bag

Satish Rengarajan says:

Thanks Shane!!

checkfoldcallraise says:

This is exactly what I needed, a workout drill. The other day I watched a video on bag drills but it seemed to be more focused on power and strategy. The guy is a muay thai champ and had crazy speed. I'm an average overweight guy trying to lose weight so when I tried to copy his moves as best I can I lost confidence and felt like everything hurt. I love the art of muay thai and it gives me confidence in self defense so these more simplistic drills give me hope, thank you!

Squaddie Boi says:

You are the coolest and nicest dude iv ever seen in my life

SABRICXO1312 says:

If your opponent is a wrestler,missing punvhes are not a good idea

EC Harbor says:

Looking to start Muay Thai training. I have a heavy bag (125 lbs 6' in length). and I'm 5'9'' tall, 230 lbs. My questions: 1) What type of heavy bag gloves should I purchase? 2) How could hand wraps affect the size of the gloves I use? Thanks for any suggestions you may have your videos are informative and to the point.s

John’s Gym says:

Really like the 30-30-30 drill. It seemed a lot easier than it actually was. Thanks for sharing!

ketchopski says:

i like the drill. can you also share almost the same drill but with head movement 'dodging drill' – my poorest skill lol

Jose Florian says:

1:06 this is me if I get in a street fight

Krysta Monique says:

You’re dreads will look so bomb when they reach your back

Timberwolf0n3 says:

Very useful workout actually, never would’ve thought of this myself.

Chris Robinson says:

I’ve tried this and it works very well very beneficial for sure your arms, cardiovascular will improve big time arms won’t get fatigued as easy doing this workout and eating well great job man!

Zach H. says:

I just started kickboxing 3 weeks ago and I'm still pretty green. Is it bad to use a heavy bag this early when I train alone at home?! I'm worried I will end up teaching myself really bad form/technique without someone whos knowledgeable watching me and correcting me. Is there any truth to this?

HulkVahkiin says:

Great drills

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