Bellator 215 Highlights: Painful Low Blow Ends Main Event – MMA Fighting

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With Bellator 215 in the books, check out all the highlights from the main card, including a very painful ending to the main event.

Video courtesy of Bellator.


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Stephen Thornhill says:

He was trying to kick the game winning field goal and it looks like he connected with the ball

EM12S1 says:

Damn i should start watching bellator fights im missing too much 😲

Joe Rotter says:

Between Matt pulling out of the Fedor fight hours before the first time and this man its hard to be fan

Outlaw GT says:

Matt threw that kick in pure fear lol

lilcaesa says:

Sad way to end it.

The Shadow says:

i finally get a stream to work and big dumb meat head kicks a guy in the coin purse…

Mvolgert Whisper on the roof says:

Жуть как он шею ему не свернул мне аж больно смотреть было. Horror as he about broke his neck it hurts me to watch it.

Adam Badali says:

Just another early stoppage

Siavash knot says:

Winner by Nutout

Marcus The Wolf says:

Did he not wear a nut-shield?

Sensei used to say, "Wear a cup, or you won't need one!"

roshin isac says:

Nothing like a nut smsck

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