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Here is a typical week of my training and diet in my current fight camp! Many have asked me to show how I structure my training, so I tried my best to show it in [More]
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Tian Ye, our Kung Fu Master finally fought Xu Xiaodong, our Chinese MMA Mad Dog. Let’s see how this Kung Fu “Master” did in his fight against the outspoken Chinese MMA fighter (搏击狂人). This fight [More]
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No respect after fights in MMA between opponents. MMA fighters usually show respect to each other after a fight, but there are rare cases when the beef wasn’t squashed. Except the disrespect, there are flashbacks [More]
Here is the video of final Fight of the TFC Event 1 LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs JungVolk (Moscow, Russia). All videos are available on our site www.teamsfight.com for registered users. We plan to have next [More]