BROCK LESNAR || Highlights/Knockouts

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Brock Lesnar Career Highlights

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Piotr Mróz says:

1:00 that charge oh god

krn106 says:

The rapper Stitches would knock this guy out

Cameron Seeley says:

lesnar vs ngannou!

proper13seconds murmurmurmurmur says:

suplex city bitch

Michael Java says:

When people tell me cena is stronger than brock. Cena lifts bigger things than brock but I think brock will always win a fight against cena

IronPlastic Machine says:

I like to see jack swagger to star UFC debut. I think his better than CM punk.

Dave Batista says:

This due I never wants to stay against when he is angry or hungry 😂😂😂

Brylle Villenas says:


Joe Rogan sent ne here

Bryce Czirr says:

Arbys named their sandwich after him, the "meat mountain"

Xhelloxshane X says:

Brock has no fear

Abdulla Magomedov says:

МОМО. Вот реальный номер.

Pepe Jiménez Milla says:

No engaña a nadie

Pepe Jiménez Milla says:

Es un mierda

Sass Master XIII says:

Wow, Brock Lesnar's performance is such a relief after watching CM Twink's horrible fighting skills.

Nicholas White says:

Broke block use your fist holding iron kids a great southern gentlemen

Chuck Stone says:

2:07 man was fuckin dead call the fight

Zhoul luohZ says:

Steroids are so unfair… yet so entertaining to watch… Props to Mark Hunt for going all rounds and not being KO'd by the beast that is/was Lesnar

Minh long Phòng says:

bigest killer than biger

Minh long Phòng says:

brock lesnar and the skills in the ring

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