BTS's Jungkook & BLACKPINK's Rosé [MMA 2018] • Rosekook •

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maria cecilia says:


Muhaimin Emen says:


Carolina Villela says:

Ahí mira a Lisa no se ilucionen bai.. Y ay más pruebas en liskoon

Ilaya Asilova says:

Lizkook is the real.Rose loves Jungkook but Jungkook does not love her😏

Constanza Vasquez says:

is seriously? I had a lot of respect for rosekook but this? What is it? I did not see anything I was disappointed I'm sorry but I think that for my rosekook is going down. I do not feel the chemistry of before bad

blackpink in your area!! says:

0:43 jhope was making rosekook obvious tho😂

Elsa G. says:

Well… Rose was glowing that night, her skin was like WOW, i'm a girl but I wouldn't stop looking at her as well.. so beautiful 😍😍😍

len&allia *vlogs* says:

Hindi po si jk nakatingin kay lisa si rose lang naman ang tingin ng tingin kay jk

Thita Nimnualsthaporn says:

เอ้าสายมโนพยายามเข้า ก่อนที่อยากจะจับคู่ให้กุ๊กกับโรเซ่น่ะ ก็ทำให้กุ๊กหันมามองโรเซ่ให้ได้ก่อนจะจับให้เข้าคู่กันจะดีกว่ามโนไปเองไหม

__avisad says:

sorry i hate rose and blackpink so muchh😏🙄

LeydisolitaxD :v says:


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