Live Chat: Conor McGregor Arrest, Till vs. Masvidal, UFC Wichita Aftermath, BJ Penn, More

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On this episode of The A-Side Live Chat, Marc Raimondi and Shaun Al-Shatti discuss Conor McGregor’s arrest, Darren Till vs. Jorge Masvidal headlining UFC London, aftermath from UFC Wichita, B.J. Penn returning again and more.


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Alleyway Jack says:

Shaun is so hyped and excited about everything. It's infectious. Marc is miserable and bland about everything. He's infected.

Jay Dream says:

Do they shave because of homosexual tendencies?

Louis Bellocchi says:

The Cuban fans will travel well for Romero…Sunrise is only about 45mins from Miami

Michael Easter says:

31:16 The guys walked past the real issue. The question is not "why should the fighter continue?" but rather "why is the fighter making the decision?". There is clearly unreasonable pressure to continue to fight, and if the person just got their bell rung, it could be hard to make a good decision. I think it should be decided by the ref, doctor, and judges in some way. In this instance, I think it should have been a DQ for Jones upon review. And automatic re-match. If that isn't satisfying, then so be it. It was a blatant, severe illegal strike that impacted the fighter!

Comrade Fighter says:

Where can I catch the B-Side live chat⁉️

Bryn Waddell says:

Al Shatti is the best this channel has.

er4se1 says:

fresh as a daisy LOL

james delaney says:

Love this show. U guys kill it every week.

csquaredboxing says:

Solid video, what are some fights you're looking forward to? Check out my channel for boxing gear reviews when you get a chance!

Rebel Ruthless says:

Why do These Faghots go off Topic so much…
I cant stay interested..
These guys are GARBAGE.

Rebel Ruthless says:

89% of Black Children That are Born Each Year are Flushed Down The Toilet.
The Mothers Just Learned to Cut The Unbiblical Cord Before the Fish..
Stupid Black Women… They are just so worthless and dumb

Gustavo Jauregui says:

Marc is becoming one of the top journalist in MMA

kill or be killed M.A.G.A Proud to be an American says:

-Stipe doesn’t fight until he gets the Cormier rematch.

-Gustafsson loses to Smith and retires.

– By the end of 2019 we will see Romero, Weidman and Rockhold all at 205.

– The winner of Holloway-Poirier doesn’t fight Khabib.

-Tony Ferguson goes to either Featherweight or Welterweight.

-Ben Askren has a UFC belt wrapped around his waist by the end of 2019 (note: not by Dana White)

-TJ Dillashaw loses his next fight, either the rematch with Cejudo or an actual title defense at Bantamweight.

-Jones defends his belt 4 times in one calender year.

– Woodley fights for the Middleweight championship in 2019.

-Jose Aldo keeps knocking off no.1 contenders and rides off into the sunset after three fights.

Thanks for your time and energy you put into this great show. Keep it up, loyal listener from Holland.

Wrestling is OP in mma right now.

And everyone is blind to it.

All a wrestler has to do is hold someone down, mask the fact that they can’t get a finish by throwing rabbit punches, and the entire mma community praises them for it and they get wins.

Like BJJ, wrestling needs to be treated with bias. If a bjj fighter is just holding someone in guard, without genuinely going for a finish, throwing non finishing rabbit punches and going back to the guard, they will get stood up and separated after a minute or two.

Personally, wrestling should be used as getting a person down, controlling for a means to a finish and ONLY that. You get the points for take downs, that’s your reward.

Rebel Ruthless says:

In a Vaccum Its a Hell of Big Ass PENISH.

Rebel Ruthless says:

Somebody shoot me in my goddamn head please..
I would love a bullet between the eyes losers.
Sike I'm kidding! Hahaha
Actually I'm noy I'm so fawking depressed.
Bang my bung daddy

Watch My 666 says:

We all talk about how divisions are getting held up yet we say dumb shit like Yoel or Luke or Chris would just need a fight to be in contention at 205 while there is legit killers and up-and-coming fighters like Alonso Menifield, Ryan Spann, Stosic, Oleksiejczuk, Crute, Rakic, Walker, Reyes, Anderson and these are just the ones on winning streaks.

Zozila says:

U fuking bum nobody like ur chaneel so boring to watch

scotiansen says:

The "pressure" that exists to not lie, fake being hurt, stay down and win the title in such a cowardly dishonorable way isnt coming from the fans Marc. Its coming from your conscience. Ever heard of it?

Im crushing your head says:

Very insightful stuff about comparing the Jones- McGregor- GSP-Rousey situations. That kind of superstar fighter has more leverage than nearly all that came before . It must be disorienting. And Marc really doesn’t understand gambling lines, does he? Irony is, is that he would considered a “mark” in the gambling world haha.

Graham Thorpe says:

Jorge stood and struck with wonderboy, and grappled with maia. two tough losses to specialist, hes a victim of being well rounded. I thing Jorge can finish till anywhere


“See you soon boi”. – Yoel soldier of Jail Romero

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