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Jackie Campbell says:

Cute lil girl, good dancer,
Tae & Jimin so cute especially
their reaction to lil girl dance cute…😍🤩😍🙆‍♀️

Christiana Gomez says:

V and Jimin reaction is so………. cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Chimmy Chim says:

Hahahahahah.. I love it.. it's like when. U r not expecting something and that happen… hahahahahah..seungri 's 1 2 3 💜💜💜
Their reactions OMG

nekopii says:

Jisung is such a dad, I love it

nirmani pink says:

She’s like a mini Lisa

ByunBaekhyun I'm gonna sue you says:

E x o Chen Baek xiii 😂😂😂😂😂

Diana S says:

v oppa
suga oppa
rm oppa
jin oppa
jimin oppa
jungkook oppa
j-hope oppa

Diana S says:

blackpink and bts and

Cardiff lego says:

As Seungri's song started playing!!!
Everyone seemed to enjoy
😭😭😭😭I miss him wish he was there

Geraldine Yin says:

All Song names pls?

bxtxs ._ says:

I just want to tell it‘s boygroup dance

ALL STAN says:

Minhyun must have been proud when Deja vu started playing

An Cao Văn says:

1:29 HAHAHA Jimin's so cute!

Dianne Kim says:

Jimin almost died laughing. I'm him 😂😂

fana manga says:

What is name a song for 1:10

Apeksha Dadhich says:

What is the last song someone told me

Apeksha Dadhich says:

I m so surprised because of nuest w song dejavu omg she's amazing

potterhead says:

No bts song? ?

Army bts says:

Where os bts song???

Moon Wife says:

😍😍😍 she will be a legend soon
they all look soo proud 😭
you doing good baby..

madelin kenia says:


Tập đoàn Chim Thị chống quần giả quần nhái says:

I wish to be there to see BANGTAN OPPA

Karina Gama says:

Part 2 please

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