TOP 10 Worst Injuries in MMA

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MMA is a dangerous sport filled with constant injuries. This is a look at 10 of the worst injuries in MMA.

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Voiced by Krys Janae

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Iris Freitas says:

They are all big and stuff until you look at their legs,
their chicken legs.

BreadMan 99 says:

1:24 is that Robbie Lawler ?

N. Dure says:


N. Dure says:

video narrated by google translate

king slare says:

Its just about broken arms

Humble_ Pie says:

Top 10 most dangerous injuries in mma. Number 10 a ufc fighter

boogiebudgie says:

This is a new one for the list ⭐️

Tucker Latham says:

I came here to see Anderson Silva break his leg. And now that I realize that's #3, I'm not sure if I want to watch the rest of the video. :O

Canadian Doge says:

And I watched the Silva injury the

Jaxon Mattox says:

I am now forever scared to kick anything ever again, seriously.

George David says:

Man people fighting in MMA are mentally ill, sociopaths, come on, what the fuck. There are so many beautiful sports out there and you choose the one to crush your peers… All fighting sports are lame for the times we are living, they are outdated. Yet all the sociopaths and psychos, are going in there, in the ring, or to watch. Fuck that.

Andrew Maynes says:

This female commentator puts no emotion into her narration.

Dovakin 3004 says:

The amount of adrenaline in these fighters

Dovakin 3004 says:

No broken bone that can’t be fixed by trained doctors

SHARIQ • says:

Now I thank McGregor that he tapped out I wouldn't want to see him like that 😫😓

Antoni Sawicki says:

WHERE IS MAGICAL ????????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂

Spedy says:

Zaraz będzie Edit i na 1 miejscu będzie Daniel Magical

Bartoleleツ says:


Mark Winter says:

I regret watching this

Jimmy Tweedale says:

That HARRRD R in Renzo hahaha jesus that was cringey they fuck up alot of fighters names

KPAD says:

this is hard to fucking watch

adonis699 says:

Hill died a month fter the upload :'-(

Hassan Mohammad says:

If any one can watch this without moving ur a beast

Rakkhot says:

Man, after seeing this how can ppl even attempt leg kicks, one good check on a dedicated leg kick and you're out for at least years if not forever

Mr Zippy says:

Dock that kid who broke razaks arm what an asswipe why carry on just to break a bone if that was you then.

Moritz Wolf says:


Captain Nugget says:

Just think about how this could happen just walking around

Captain Nugget says:

And I thought it was bad when I dislocated my pinky finger

Klaist HDVid says:

number #2 refree to slow to stop

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