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In the way of the unfortunate passing of an MMA legend, we decided to take a look at the Top 10 Kimbo Slice moments from his amazing career. We go all the way back to his YouTube days and to his UFC days. Watch more on MMA Noise!

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Spartan Z says:

y'all do know kimbo slice was extremely a nicer person. only the ring he was a beast!!!!!

Alex O'condell says:

RIP Kimbo Slice 😭😭😭

MrChayanne93 says:

Rip the big homie

Tony 901 says:


Criminal 2020 says:

King Of The Streets Will Be Missed – R.I.P Kimbo ^🙌👍

TheNorthFace715 says:

ew wtf why did they let the guy fight with his ear like that?? his ear was damn near ripped off


Rest In Peace goat in the streets facts

Tyler Jacobson says:

Rip rest easy brother your never forgotten boss 🙏 greatness #kimbo

RageNova says:

Kimbo was a legend RIP.

Mike Pantaleo says:

Kimbo was awesome. Idgaf about his mma career. I grew up on those back yard fight videos.

Phillip Bishop says:

King Kimbo! Love and Respect. R.I.P

Brian Valdez says:

He truly was a one of a kind! Fighter, man, and inspiration to those who might be learning a little later in life! R.I.P Big Homie!!

skorpyo33 says:

Finally a good Kimbo tribute vid.

Cain Griffin says:

R.I.P Slice

Sasa P says:

The first YouTube Video I watched was Cimbo 🙁

Tina Kumari says:

Whoever does not like Kimbo Slice and dislike this video what do you do in your life

Kimbeau says:

Rip to the main man my guy kimbo slice

The Daily Grind Channel• Sam says:

RIP Kimbo what a legend 👏

KingBongHogger says:

Keep an eye on Baby Slice, Kimbo's son. 3-1 right now with 3 wins in a row. He's with Bellator now.

Myra Beth Little says:

The fight with bo Cantrell was a knockout but is technically a submission being bo tapped out its just hard to see with that angle

Brian Rabideau says:

He's a beast but no leg strength

Casey C. says:

Kimbo was a person, legit fighter, and will never be forgotten. You made the history books buddy!

Özgür says:

rest in fuck

blindtoby says:

Why does he look like the mucho man ?

Hunter Warren says:

kimbo slice is my favourite

Pels fan before the boogie Trade says:

The Jamaican need to cut them dreads how could u fight with them

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