Scott Adkins MMA Cage Fight

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Scott Adkins special appearance at Wawan MMA in Kuwait October 2017.


FaranelHD says:

He should really try MMA, 41 is still good age for competing in Real Fighting Sport… He is Fantastic Fighter

R Davies says:

Have to say I'm a huge fan I admire your dedication. Hope that wasn't too sycophantic lol.

Heidi Sand says:

Sexiest man on the planet! That's what I call a handsome man.

Beer Serker says:

Is that robert whittaker?

mic covero says:

Boyka is the next Wolverine! in marvel character

John Powell says:

He should play batman come on he deserves that chance he has the looks of Bruce and he has the moves and body to play batman without a doubt

They Live says:

LOL , nice acting. But can TKD last in the real cage? UFC?

majinnemesis says:

i know this was staged but scott adkins would probably do pretty well in MMA,he seems to know what he's doing

Hafiq Shamadi says:

The closest to Batman vs bane fight

SAMUEL Bevan says:

I can believe 90% of the people in the comments below think this is real๐Ÿ˜‚

Justin Wallace says:

Love Scott Adkins, but this fake shit is just insulting to the level of talent he could have in real fighting. I'd love to see him try his hand at UFC, just for the challenge of it. Win or lose, I'd still respect the man for trying.

florentin dusmanu says:


Jan Reguล‚a says:


Robert RR says:

Some idiots in the coment section dinโ€™t understand that anybody from ufc bellator … retired pride fighters would murder him , maybe not CM Punk …. yโ€™all need to stop fanboying

Pardesi 99% says:

hail boyka !!

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