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At the UFC 236 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White discussed Dustin Poirier’s win over Max Holloway, Israel Adesanya and Kelvin Gastelum’s epic battle, what’s next for the winners, Jon Jones, Khabib Nurmagomedov and more,

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Daniel McAllister says:

So tired of dana

letmeknowhowthatgoes says:

Crazy how Dana responds to the “what are you gonna do about it” question by using it as an opportunity to promote previous incidents. Master scumbag promoter.

We the People M.A.G.A proud to be american 1776 says:

Edgar's message

got a similar error What I had to do was logout of my device (ROKU) then log back in and it show up. I ordered it early Saturday afternoon and it took roughly 20 minutes to get it to show up as pre ordered. Not having a in app purchase was a huge mistake even Fite.tv has that option. The fact that you needed to order from a computer first and then link your devices just seemed like extra steps. Only complaint regarding the stream was not being about to pause the event like you can with a dvr and fast forward through the filler great Co Main/Main Event but when 4 out of 5 ppv fights all go to decision the event starts to drag on. Hopefully Dana quits putting gatekeeper fights on the PPV Jouban/Grant and even Andyers/Rountree should have been on the prelims.

We the People M.A.G.A proud to be american 1776 says:

So, the UFC has been way better since ESPN.

Since ESPN, the UFC is better than it has ever been. ESPN has been airing free content on YouTube that is outstanding. They have been showing the full fight ending replays for big fight cards, on YouTube, for free.

This is something Fox never did. Now they also have amazing pre-fight shows. See the pre-fight show they did with Max Holloway being interviewed with Brett Okamoto. It’s awesome. ESPN has produced way better content for the price. I’m only spending $7.00 more a month (or whatever it costs for ESPN+) and I am seeing way more content than before.

The other thing is, they haven’t been making money fights lately. The UFC has been making real fights. Dustin vs Holloway was a real fight. In the past, they would have never allowed Dustin to fight for a title. For the past few years, they have only allowed big money fights. But that has changed since the advent of this ESPN deal.

Apparently the UFC is all about putting together the "correct" matchups now, because of the new deal, it doesn’t require large PayPer View events to generate revenue for the UFC, because ESPN is paying them a type of "flat rate" no matter how many PayPer View buys they do. So now, we can finally see good fights, from the linear challengers and interim champions.

This is the best time for fans, in the modern era. It couldn’t be any better, really.

But I understand that fans are mad about ESPN. But I’m a total idiot when it comes to using streaming, and ESPN+ has been easy, and it’s cheap.

Dana isn’t doing a good job by insulting fans. But ESPN has been kicking ass and making the UFC more interesting.

hassan Waleed says:

Soif brock wasnt ready, what was the point of hyping that up after stipe win

allen panicker says:

israel adesanya rise might be on the same level or even higher then conor. That swag they both have.

Cυlтυяє says:

ESPN on top of everything? You couldn’t buy it on the fooking app

allen panicker says:

what is this future of fighting what the hell come on

allen panicker says:

the problem is if aldo beats whoever he is fighting its going to be him and max again who wants to see that again.

RDA8191 says:

Khabib will find a way to make that fight boring

cali living says:

Espn+ kept freezing on me during ppv

Redd Rojo says:

Don't Tune in.. for a Brock fight! It's not fair. And it's dumb. Plus we'd have to Wait for Years for the next contender

StephenJ Mayes says:

Need to be:
Khabib vs Askren
Wonderboy vs Stylebender
Tony vs Zabit
Masvidal vs Diaz
Laquinta vs Jouban

The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Furly says:

The best part about UFC is that max and Kelvin lost AND their stocks have gone UP.

time time says:

i want that deal isreal and jones had in their fights vs gustafson + Kelvin Gastelum, so i only have to win 30% of a fight to be declared the winner.

kreed82 says:

I hate when dana hypes up these moves that they are making like just wait and see what we do next – bud light become sponsors of the ufc. Or athletes will now where reebok apparel

Matt Betancourt says:

Dana doesn't seem happy that Poirier won.

Reality Unchained says:

Dana you are the only idiot, if you have to go as far as to have an interim title just strip the champion and fight for the real belt, idiot.

Motivation Man says:

I've had enough of these idiots asking about Game of Thrones

Observer says:

The 'idiots' are against interim belts because there is no guarantee that they will definitely get a title shot next. Tony and Colby spring to mind….

Jason Phillips says:

Interm belts mean less when you strip the interm champions of their belts with very little reason. When you don’t give them the same due you give a champion the belt lacks the same due.

alissanick2018 says:

How can Dana say…… khabib is the next fight when khabib doesn’t fight…. all he does is aggressive cuddling on the ground…. he can’t box ….he can’t kick and can’t do nothing but Wrestle and roll around on a mat

e smith says:

Puerto Rico puhleeezah bad bad idea

SlimJim says:

The belt isnt the reason those 2 fought so hard dana, "idiots who don't like interim belts" gtfoh

J J says:

I like Issy but don't see him beating Jones until he gets to old to fight. The age difference will never line up in their prime. Jones is prime time now, Issy is still 3-4 years away.

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