UFC 236 Preview Show – MMA Fighting

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With UFC 236 hours away, MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti and Jed Meshew break down the top storylines.

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Chris Nelson says:

Wrestling is the key its eazy beat max & Israel

Dan Finnegan says:

jed is knowledgeable

Wang Chung says:

Love all these shows without Puke Thomas and the midgets.

thelonghornguy says:

Remember when Uriah Hall was the next Anderson Silva, what happened when he fought Kelvin? 🤔

Gribble Dribble says:

Thank you for sparing us Raimondi.

Michael Kilpatrick says:

wtf is the background noise is someone wrapping presents?

Miller Mayhem says:

Tony Ferguson is the true champ

Toan nguyen Nguyễn says:

Hay lắm !ad

Danny says:

MMAFighting is full of lib cucks. Neither of these guys can form a concrete strong opinion. Everything is “well it’s plus and minus” , “a little from Collum A a little from Collum B”, “I think this buuutttt this too”

Tradecraft secrets says:

No one is counting out Dustin. This is an amazing fight. No one can argue it's going to be a blow out. Dustin said shock the world. Just shows where is mind is at. Shouldn't be a shock.

SurvivalBayArea says:


Now I know says:

Max Halloway wins.. now let him get that L back from Conor too

And for Conor, if he wins then he gets his rematch against Khabib

Jon says:

You’re doing great Shawn, keep it up brother!

matt doyle says:

Who are these nerds talking about fighting. These guys look and act like they have never been in a real fight in their life. Lol you guys are so transparent.

South ga jeeepers says:

The whole card is good. The top is just great. And these interims make perfect sense. .

RJHRFC says:

Great take by Dr. Jed. Conor gets the winner for the interim and then the winner faces Khabib.

free pot says:

How does this fat man knows anything about mma?

Alberta Geo says:

max's look's like Bruce lee I bit lol

Skoal91 says:

Don't have Jed on again, he's terrible

Olle XXX says:

I love shaun but jeds douchness made me turn this off after 2 minutes. Please no more jed! Please

Pete Pan says:

He is so wrong.. The loser of this fight will fight conor

George Phillips says:

Max – Round 2 TKO
Izzy – Decision

Art Sin says:

Kelvin can cover distance quicker than Adesayna is predicting. He really needs to watch out for Kelvins speed and angles, otherwise hes going to get caught. Hard. Love Israel though. Good luck to both.

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