UFC 236 Results: Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

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UFC 236 results are below. Spoilers ahead.

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At UFC 236, Dustin Poirier defeated Max Holloway to become the interim lightweight champion. Israel Adesanya defeated Kelvin Gastelum to become the UFC middleweight (interim) champion, but did so in a fight of the year contender. Khalil Rountree bested Eryk Anders, Nikita Krylov got revenge on Ovince St. Preux and Dwight Grant defeated Alan Jouban plus more. This is my UFC 236 post-fight special.

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ayeo philly says:

Kelvin hit Izzy with everything and the kitchen sink, he took it and gave it back to him, Kelvin is a dangerous heavy handed hungry wrestler you can't say he's washed up or that Izzy hasn't beaten any body. With that being said I don't know if he'll beat Bobby knuckles

Chester Sykes says:

Alan Jouban reminds me of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Such an exciting fighter.

John Youngblood says:

Dude I've bought a million belts cuz my dog LOVES chewing my belts in half. But then it seems like that's her goal. Cause I left her some of my old ones she already ate but she doesn't touch em after they're in half. I think she likes the new smell. Not sure.. pretty fkn annoying. But I know she will and I keep leaving them laying around so..I can only blame her for so long.

Monk downs says:

I agree Luke. Those 4 guys should get a m i n i m u m a MiL each (MINIMUM).


I think Max won the 3&4th on pure volume activity and outlanding Poirier but there was a clear power discrepancy and the first round was a 10-8 for me in Dustins favor the second he won clearly the 5th he scrapped out too it was clearly Dustin's fight although Max had his moments he lacked the power to effect Poirier he never looked hurt although he said he was stunned in the 3rd I couldn't see it. I WILL SAY 49-46 is off more like 48-46

Juan Gutierrez says:

Beam? You can at least get jack ya donk.

Michael Maniatis says:

Can everyone stop talking about conor and alvarez. Conor had 2 fights at welterweight before he competed against alvarez and fought at lightweight in cage warriors. 2 very different situations. This was the first time max wasn’t fighting at 145

Shinigami says:

Oddly that knockdown Kelvin had on Izzy didnt count as a legit knockdown I guess cause Izzys hand was down? idk. but fight metric has 0 KDs for Gas

Dylan Morgan says:

Just wanna see Max get bigger and keep fighting at lightweight. If he just got a little stronger he could be a champ

kgilley says:

Have you ever heard of a post-fight or post-game show that doesn't reveal the results? No? Neither have I. Why does Luke give a 'spoiler alert' every time? It's annoying.

MaRkY WaHoOoOo says:

If Askren fights Gillespie somehow…which one gets pregnant?

ElGatosLastLife says:

Why does Luke have so much grey hair?

John McCarroll says:

You nailed this one Luke! Thanks for a great episode. FYI the camera looked fine. Great job Devil Dog!

Chris Song says:

Luke, you need to keep your mouth closer to the mic for sound. Sound levels are too low.

taskmaster65 says:

Hey Luke, Remember when Rory Macdonald got $59,000 to show for the best UFC fight of all time? Yeah, no wonder he decided to be a big fish in Bellator. Nothing like getting McDonald's burger flipper money for a life altering fight!

Frank Sinatra says:

Luke Thomas could not have asked more boring post fight questions at the end of UFC 236….Instead of asking Israel Adosanaya "were you hurt? How was Gastulum's power?? etc." He asks Israel about his future JON JONES fight….WTF??? His questions to all the fighters were BORING. Come on Luke Thomas….do better.

Ataur Rahman says:

two guy who never got ko and undefeated- jon and khabib

Doja Smokers Club says:

Kelvins coaches are the reason he lost this fight, constantly asking for the level change, everyone saying he did it so he didn't gas…he was throwing down in the fifth if he'd have done that in the fourth he'd be a champ right now…but I'm more of an izzy fan anyway bit of personality khabibs towel has more personality than kelvin

lowlowseesee says:

Donks is an insult turned term of endearment. ya donks!!!

BASSLiN3_ B3AT5 says:

Great post fight show as always luke. Always enjoy your hot takes. With that said Monday Morning Analyst will be amazing this week🔥

Nick B says:

It was something special.


kelvin was amazing, but the other guy stepped up. amazing scrap.

officialpartychannel says:

When Darren Till said "they're all getting it!" he meant a win over him. 😉😘

ominous450 says:

discussion on the co-main event 21:35

Sergey Rib says:

Luke, can you stop for one minute to lick every Fighter's ass!!

Alleyway Jack says:

Vollume levels are off

pabauza says:

Luke, I would listen to tour podcast but how can you talk that much in a week? MMA Hour, Sirius show and podcast. Impressive

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