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At the UFC seasonal press conference Friday in Atlanta, stars from the upcoming fight card spoke to the media and faced off with each other.

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ig2d says:

wtf is jack hermasson?

Miguel Cruz says:

Rose should’ve been stripped awhile she hasn’t fought in a long ass time

Shane B. says:

Henry Cejudo is the UFC's Kurt Angle. "I won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin neck!!"

Bernardo Mejia says:

5:16 henry sounds like a broken record

Juan Gabriel Acosta Canessa says:

Ben is the best! Just give him a belt any belt lol

BM PUNK says:

Robbie “um” Lawler

Tim G says:

Yo, I'm Kevin Lee ya know, and I got a red AND a blue bandana ya know, cause I'm a Hollywood gangster ya know.

Stephen Colias says:

The translator for Andrade got the question completely wrong. When will they get some decent translators for Portuguese?

Random Stuff says:

Jessica Andrade looks – and sounds – more masculine than Marlon Moraes


You should get sponsored by “oh Henry”

Eddy S. Razor XP says:

Test Andrade and Cyborg for male hormones. This is combat sports no time to worry about hurt feelings. Im saying what everyone is thinking. WTF?

Olof Persson says:

LOL Anthony Smith's reaction to Rockhold's comments were so out of character and refreshing. Loved it.

dylan keith says:

Bad move rose . Definitely need to get acclimated

dylan keith says:

The new belts suck . So cheap. Looks like a prop from power rangers

Lance Matthews says:


Gavin James says:

Rafael Dos Anjos looks like he took over the Sinaloa cartel

Travis Tubbs says:

Were is gorge st pier

Travis Tubbs says:

Were is Conor!!!!

Miles Bitong says:

Kevin Lee said he’s interested in the Askren fight because he has curly hair?

RJMPublic says:

Good of Ben Askren to host a press conference for the UFC.

Joe Noonan says:

Who looks like mister clean and talks like michael jackson LMFAO

Steve Moore says:

am i the only one that thought the translator's voice was actually Jessica Andrade?

Steve Moore says:

i'll pay someone $10 ro make a version of this video with no Brazilians in it. $20 if they also cut out Tyrone.

boris sukoi says:

nunes and cejudo look like the same person

Ranferi Luviano Jr says:

Officially unsubscribe sticking to boxing

DrSpuds says:

That thumbnail😂😂

cesar g says:

Holly is holy tasty..Kisses baby, destroy me at the bed! :*

tylerdurden4232 says:

never knew Phil Leotardo did time in prison or Henry Cejudo had an Olympic belt.

Billy Lipscombe says:

Tyron Woodley should of stayed home

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