ALL MMA – Incredible Compilation 2017

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ALL MMA – Incredible Compilation 2017
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UFC and MMA says:

make comments on videos

Thanh Thiên Nguyễn says:

that combo 8:40

Steve De George says:

Music sucks. Love the mute button

Harley Me says:

sad to see a bunch of grown men playing on the ground when they should be fighting. I dont bother.. get up and I'll just you down again… till you stop getting up.

Ama2erg TV says:

8:00 league and name?

K S says:



Bhavish gokool says:

@2:01 kick in the balls? Wtf is that mma fight ?

milan lekanic says:

Idiotic music…

Thomas Randall says:

The music is HORRIBLE!!!!!

gabon40 says:

Musique de merde pour décérébrés !

Батыр Ю says:

Каждый через 20 мин Ван ту фай хуй заебал блять

Guillermo Quijano says:

Strip club music?
I hated this video. So poorly done. Many others much better. This one is crap.

Matt Randrian says:

8:40 that combo

R Truth says:

1:07 Blocked the knee but ate that kick to the head 😦

Getrealpeeps says:

WHOA, that was a TIGHT video!! What was the name of the song @ the end of the video?

Getrealpeeps says:

@ 15:20, who is that person who got kicked in the "restricted" area??

Mikes a degenerate says:


oldman f says:

Music sucked

Gavin Bonner says:

What genre of music is this? It’s like if 14 year old wannabe gangsters from Long Beach made music in 2007.

computerjantje says:

there is no added value in removing the original sound. But then you had to make it even worse by dubbing it over with crap

Calven Matthias says:

u got no taste in music

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