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👇Darustrong Mentorship Program👇 https://dscoaching.net/mentorshipprogram http://www.darustrong.com/ This is part 1 of 4 videos for the MMA at Home Training Routine make sure after you watch this video to checkout the entire series of videos to work [More]
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Come train at Renzo Gracie Seattle! FREE INTRO CLASS! Instagram: @pradomaplata Here we have the backbone of Collegiate Wrestling, the Double Leg Takedown. This is a very high percentage shot when it is “set-up” and [More]
David Bertrand gives an MMA class to his advanced students at Jeet Academy Belgium. Wrestling, Grappling, Striking and Sparring.
Ahead of UFC 229, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s chat with MMA Fighting about what it’s like training with the UFC lightweight champion at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif., what makes his wrestling so good, what’s [More]
Sparring over the last week at Tristar MMA Subscribe! follow the Instagram @spice__tv
Deku has plenty of enemies to take down, but is he taking them down as efficiently as he possibly could be? I think that Deku is actually lacking from a fighting perspective, and I took [More]
Korean Top Team MMA Training Trip Some of my Sparring & Grappling have other vids too w kicks. Little MMA Gloves shin guards MMA sparring is other videos and more grappling too! I created this [More]
ONEFC Fighter Aung La N sang’s workout and training 2018. This video features MMA fighter Aung La Nsang’s fight training, exercise and workout videos of 2018… Hope you enjoy the video. Don’t forget to like [More]